Our Music Courses

Voice And Artist Development

With extensive experience in performance, we know what is involved in building and maintaining a healthy, fully functioning, great sounding voice, strong enough to withstand the demands of touring, recording and performing.
After every session you should feel like you’re getting better at your craft and transitioning from singer to artist. Our one-on-one voice and artist development sessions will focus on:

  • Developing and strengthening the voice by focusing on fundamental vocal techniques.
  • Building on the individual’s natural ability
  • Interpreting lyrics and channelling emotion
  • Releasing throat tension
  • Tips and tricks for maintaining well rounded vocal health
  • Getting the voice performance ready
  • Becoming comfortable with using a microphone
  • Improve live performance/ Stage presence (For auditions or upcoming tours/performance)

Songwriting Sessions

In the songwriting sessions, the artist will co-write an original song with a professional songwriter. We offer basic one-on-one writing sessions, or professional writing sessions where the artist will write & record an original song in a professional recording studio and take home a fully produced Demo for their portfolio.

Through our collaborative process, we guide each artist to access their words and emotions, transfer them into lyrics, structure melodies, and add production elements to give it a certain feel. Ultimately, we offer guidance in writing and completing an original song.

For those who already write their own songs, these sessions are a way of building upon those skills with tips and guidance from our writers within a professional collaborative environment. For those who are new to songwriting, we introduce each artist to the various skills involved in writing a song. Those skills include:

  • Discovering what is involved in creating and delivering a finished original song.
  • Gaining insight on content to write about. (Developing concepts)
  • Techniques for writing lyrics and melodies. (Lyric Writing)
  • Learning how to collaborate in a professional situation and work with professional songwriters and producers (Collaboration)
  • Understanding Chord Progression
  • Recording in a professional setup

Cover Recording Sessions

For some artists, being a songwriter isn’t the primary goal. For this reason we offer ‘Cover recording Sessions’ for artists who want to focus on bettering their vocal ability and becoming a brilliant singer and/or performer. The artist will be spend one full day in a professional recording studio with professional producers to create their own unique interpretation of a song. At the end of the day they will walk away with a fully produced cover song/demo.

During these sessions, we focus on:

  • Interpreting an existing song and offering a unique and personal approach.
  • Learning what is involved in a professional recording session – arranging, comping, editing and basic mixing.
  • Adding harmonies, background vocals and building instrumentation.
  • Becoming familiar with the equipment/programs used to record music in a professional studio.

Additional Videography

Posting original songs and cover versions of songs onto YouTube, and sharing these on various social media platforms, can be an extremely beneficial way of publicising the artist’s talent.

At the Artist Studio, we offer an additional videographer session, which introduces the artist to the process involved in making a basic film clip. The artist will spend a few hours with a professional videographer filming their performance. At the end of the session they will have an original or cover song with their own video, which they can post to their social media channels and add to their individual artist portfolio.

Production Sessions

Music production is an extremely handy skill to have if you are looking at pursuing a career in music, it opens up a world of opportunity in terms of what role you may want to play in the music industry. Not everyone wants to be the artist, you may find that you want to be a music producer and at The Artis Studio, We are here to help you build and develop the skills necessary. As an artist, having music production as a skill can be extremely useful, it can help you discover what sounds you want, how to make those sounds, what is involved and when you are ready to start recording your own music you can even do it yourself!!!

Here's some of the stuff you will learn about:

  • Recording Software (Pro tools)
  • Program beats
  • Record Vocals
  • How the room you’re in affects sound and frequencies
  • How to treat your monitoring environment correctly
  • Using monitor speakers vs. using headphones
  • How volume affects what you’re hearing
  • Organising your file system and how to back up
  • Setting up your Protools session
  • Getting your interface to talk to Protools
  • Setting up a basic session
  • Overview of the frequency spectrum
  • Understanding measuring sound levels
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts
  • Zooming and using the Protools timeline
  • Making your system efficient
  • Understanding Mono vs. Stereo
  • Basic audio editing
  • Mp3 files and Wav files
  • Turning your song into an MP3 or a WAV file
  • Advanced view options and advanced workflow setting
  • Dealing with audio tracks
  • Editing multiple tracks
  • Automation
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Plugins
  • Virtual tracks
  • How Protools stores audio files and how to access them
  • Importing audio files and using loops and samples
  • Advanced audio editing
  • Auxiliary channels
  • Using reverb and delay
  • The master channel
  • Recording and editing midi
  • Using external keyboards
  • Using virtual instruments!
  • Basic and Advanced mixing techniques
  • Advanced editing techniques
  • Guitar Sessions