The Artist Studio Showcases

The Artist Studio put on two showcases a year, Mid Year and End of Year. These Showcases are a great opportunity for each of our Artists to show family, friends and often industry representatives the work they have been doing in their sessions throughout the year.
Every single opportunity to perform is crucial to the development of each artist’s live performance skills and all of our showcases are held at a live music venue in Sydney so each artist has the experience of performing live music the way any established artist in the industry would.
We believe that the only way to get better at performing is by actually performing, sometimes people can be crippled by nerves, which is why these showcases are so important. They help prepare the artists tobuild on the fundamental techniques that are vital for live gigging/ touring, these include performance, connecting and engaging with an audience, working with live musicians and sound/audio technicians, managing nerves and ultimately building the confidence to perform in front of an audience.